Sunday, December 7, 2008

The moment I've been waiting for!

I have been looking forward to this moment all year...the perfect tree!
Found it...we were determined that this one would be the best one yet...
On the way home Hailey tried being funny for the camera...she kept saying "look at me daddy!"
Ha ha she will hate me when she's older if she knew I posted this!
Putting on her fist ornement of the year!
Interior designers already!...ha I wish! They actually were both looking for edible ones! As you can see Hailey (of course) already found a candy cane, probably a few years old, and shoved it in her mouth! AHHHH I seriously can't keep any outfit clean!
The finished product!


Ilianna & Baby Jayson said...

Your pictures say it all you look so happy with your tree. What you are looking for is always out there you just need to keep on looking.

Stephanie Dollahite said...

Jen - I love your blog - all the blessings and hard things that your family is going through made me well up with tears. We will keep your family in our prayers. Blessings this Christmas season - I am amazed to think of our Lord Jesus coming into the world as a human baby when I look at Annaliese sometimes.
Love, Steph and the DOllahites