Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Old Man!

Well my old man turned 30TH last week! It was such a great weekend! We also had a college friend that got to fly in the for the weekend at the last minute! I got asked to do a fashion show for an amazing boutique in Denver called Inspyre. She asked me if I knew any male models that would be willing to be in the show...I happen to have just the guys ;) So Nate, Corey, and myself got to practice our modeling skills for the night!

Sunday I surprised Nate and rented him a Mustang convertible. One of his good friends Scott, Corey and myself got to take him out for the day. I hope he had a great birthday!!!
Happy 30th Baby!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

She turned 6!!!!!

We decided to go big this year and throw Hailey quite the 6TH birthday bash! It was such a great turn out!!!
Loved doing a taco bar!

I ordered a Hello Kitty cake...couldn't believe how good it turned out!

Not sure if she got enough Hello Kitty stuff! Nichole got her a fish...we named it Bubbles! It's such a great fish! Whenever Hailey goes over to talk to him...he swims to the top of the water to say hello! My special present to her was this charm bracelet from Gap! Looking forward to adding charms for special occasions!

Pretty sure she had a blast!

We were so surprised and thankful when Hailey's preschool teacher, Mrs Kennemann showed up! I had invited her but didn't tell Hailey just in case she couldn't make it! Although Hailey loves everyone ;)...she had such a special bond with her. It's been 2 years since she was Hailey's teacher...and Hailey STILL talks about her all the time!!!!

Yep!!! I'm beat!!!! So thankful that our special girl has such a special birthday!