Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Sissy!!!!
Sissy's Stats:
Walking: yes (still like she's a drunkin' sailor)
Talking: Mama, Dada, Dog (go figure we don't even have one!)
Signs: More, All Done, and sometimes we get Please
Teeth: 9...seriously this girl could eat a steak no problem!
Favorite Activity: Being in mommy's arms (very inconvenient I might add)

Can't get the girl to stand still for a second!
Wouldn't ever miss a meal!
OK FINE....Hi I'm Jen and I'm addicted to matching my girls outfits!!!!!!

OK so I tried with the cupcake cake...it looks pretty good from a distance!!!
We just had a family party for her at our house...

Things have just continued to get crazier and crazier around here. I've been working 4 nights a week! Not gonna lie, it has felt amazing to finally be able to pay down a few of our extra bills...MYSELF!!! Nate has been such a huge help!! He takes such great care of the girls while I'm gone and even sometimes babysits our friends 2 girls...(we trade hour for hour and it is amazing!) I even come home to a clean house! Thank you my love!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Immediate Prayer Request

UPDATE #4 (Friday the 20th) "Miss Emerson had a very good night! Her swelling has come down tremendously, her blood pressures and heart rate have been lower, for her-probably normal for most kids, and she is peeing TONS! The nurses even gave Emmy a purple bow for her hair for being such a good girl!"
UPDATE #3: "The doctors have said Emerson has suffered Liver and Kidney damage that isn't necessarily permanent. They've made sure to let us know that she is very sick, and they are hopeful, but it will be a long recovery"
UPDATE #2: After having 2 cardiac arrests yesterday..."Emerson made it through the night. She is still having problems with her blood pressure, but the doctors are watching her very closely. It's gonna be a rough week."
UPDATE: "The doctors have had to reopen Emerson's chest because her blood pressure and heart rate have dropped. Still waiting..."
A family that I've connected with over the past year has a 1 year old WS daughter, Emerson. She just got out of her 2nd heart surgery a few minutes ago. She had to go on bypass and has been having some problems ever since. "She has been having irregular rhythms and has needed shocked and chest compressions. She is stable for the moment but the doctors say it will be minute by minute for the first 24 hours"

Please please pray for her! These next few hours are vital!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

May I Come In Now?

My little cat and mouse!
Can't get them to stand still for a second!

Getting ready to hit the street with cousin Nora...

First house Hailey says "Trick or Treat"

"What do you say Hailey?" (trying to get her to say Thank you)

Hailey responds "May I come in now?"


Nate and I got to go to a "grown up party"...can you tell what we were?
Had to work on Halloween...it was fun to see everyone all dressed up Holleywood style.

We've had a very eventful week with all of Hailey's annual tests. We were at the Children's Hospital for 3 hours on Monday doing labs and looking at her kidney's and today we had her Cardiology apt. Her heart has not progressed much. I guess we just need to wait and see. It all depends on if her SVAS grows and she grows. Since it is a narrowing of the valve if it does not grow with her that is when it becomes a problem. And just received a call from her doctor that all the other test results are fine! Praise Jesus!!!
Not much new other wise...just getting ready for the holidays!