Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Little Holiday Cheer!

Bought 2 extra trees this year...for the family room and the playroom....didn't have to buy 1 decoration for them...used what I had...didn't turn out bad if I say so myself!

Gingerbread house making with Aunt Jo Jo

Our family tree is my least favorite of the three...every year I change my mind and want something new....did not feel like spending the money this year so it's pretty bland...but looks ok when the lights are on!
Just gearing up for Christmas and then Ahna's visit on the 27Th! :) I also FINALLY booked our vactaion to Cancun!! We are going in March with our dear Kingsburg friends Glen and Emily....Nate's mom is coming out to watch the girls!!!!! WAHOO!!! Check you all later!...Merry Christmas!

Turkey Day!

Had a great Thanksgiving this year! Nate's mom, sister and brother came to visit so we had a big bash with them and my crazy family! The food was out of this world!!!

The table...Watching the intense Bronco game!

Jordan and I attempted to go midnight shopping at the Castle Rock Outlets...drove a half an hour be on the off ramp for a half an hour to decide to turn around....those people were CRAZY!