Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Home Away From Home

What a refreshing and amazing trip to Cali!...It was unbelievable to be able to spend 5 straight, uninterrupted days with my best friends in Kingsburg....we stayed up late and got up early and barely had time to breathe! I remember driving through Kingsburg 5 years ago and wondering to myself "what the heck kind of people would live here?" I still don't understand how they are all crammed into one little town!

Thank you ladies for such an amazing trip and for loving me so much! Thank you to the Silva's "my adopted family" for being so amazing in my life!
I love you Mary...and Scott!!!

My dear friend Jen...(why are all the coolest people named Jen?!?!)

Denver and Amanda...the start of a wonderful life together!

OK have to add in the high light of the trip....Two words "HOEDOWN THROWDOWN!" That's right about 30 of us learned Miley Cyrus' dance and preformed it at the wish I got it on tape!

Jen and Emily...there aren't even words!

These girls have such a special place in my heart! I will never let these friendships matter how far away we live! I told everyone that I'm on the 3 month plan and I'm due back in December! (many important people did not get pictured...sorry guys!)

Not to mention my Ahna...who unfortunately was out of town for a funeral :(

Thank you for an amazing vacation!!!
(and thank you to my husband, sister and mom who took wonderful care of my girls!!!!!!)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Being Prepared

As I was preparing for the sitter while I am away...I made a schedule of Ashtyn's typical day...I also thought I would give her a idea of Hailey's typical day:

A Little Time In Steamboat

We took some friends and family up to Steamboat this past weekend! The trees were just starting to change color so it was beautiful up there! We were lucky enough on Saturday to take a hike and lay by the (heated) pool...followed by a Sunday of rain and some slight snow! AHHH Colorado is crazy like that!
Incredible view from our balcony!I admit to being a little anxious to bust out the hoodies and hats!

Our friends Bri and Ted joined us...we stayed up til all hours playing games in the condo!
Our wine box turned into a wine bladder...
Ready for the Bronco game on Sunday...the Broncos kicked some serious booty!!! Excited to see what they can do this season!

Well I'm off to Fresno tomorrow...for 5 days...with NO KIDS!!! I can hardly believe it myself! I can't remember the last time I got to fly on an airplane with no kids and no hubby! Our good friends Denver and Amanda are getting married...since the Silva's are like family...I couldn't miss it! I'm going to miss the girls like crazy...this is the longest I've been away from Ashtyn...however they are in good hands and I think I'll survive! I am a little sad that Ashtyn just started taking some steps and now I have to miss 5 days of progress!!!! :( I guess I don't have a whole lot to complain about...I'm sure I will have plenty of pics to post when I get back! See ya!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Uh Oh

Such an exciting day for a mom!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Too Hot In Texas!!!

We had a wonderful time in Texas this past weekend visiting for Nate's grandma's 90Th Birthday party! We had a blast enjoying the boat all day on Saturday with the cousins while Connie and Aunt Linda watched the girls! (and thank you for that!)

The Lake was quite a happenin' place that day!Possibly the most relaxed time I've spent with the hubby in awhile...

There were about 75 people that joined us to celebrate Grandma Rosalie!
You can't see the clear tacks very well...but they are placed everywhere that she has traveled!...we were very close to running out of tacks! The final dinner in Dallas.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Little Girl Turned 4!

So my little girl turned 4 on Monday...a day I was actually dreading all year!...I just wanted my precious little girl to stay 3 forever!!!!
Hailey has been doing amazing lately! She still goes to preschool 4 days a week in the afternoon and is learning new things everyday! She is starting to be able to tell me different things that they are learning and things that they have made...she is so good at remembering the words to new rhymes and songs. She is also sleeping much better and often sleeps through the night!
Her favorite hobby is puzzles! She does amazingly well with them and can do a 30 piece puzzle by herself. She has also learned to ride her tricycle and can ride all the way down the street.
As far as health goes things are also going well. She has all of her checkups in October as well as her Cardiologist apt. She had a very special Birthday party with my family at the Spaghetti Factory in downtown. Hmmmm a yummy Ice Cream Cake from Maggie Moo's!

The always happy lil sissy
We are off to Texas this Friday for Nate's grandma's 90th Birthday...