Monday, January 25, 2010

School Bus

Hailey was seated at that first window....

Just got back from spending the last 3 hours in the hospital. Nate got a call at 11:20 from a paramedic saying that Hailey's school bus had been in an accident and that she was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. He could hear Hailey screaming in the background but they would not give him any information regarding her condition. Of course we were freaking out and rushed to the Aurora hospital to find a giggling little girl telling everyone about her "broken school bus."

The bus was turning left in an intersection and had a green arrow, when a small car ran a red light and slammed into the bus just a few feet ahead of where Hailey was seated.

Miraculously no one was injured. The superintendent for all of Cherry Creek schools paid us a visit in the ER and showed us the was crazy! He said he would email it to me and I will post as soon as he does.

Hailey is fine...she has a good size seat belt scratch on her neck...but that's it!! We praise God for that!!!

It's already on the news here in Denver:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Makin' the Switch

After years of talking about up-grading to a King size bedroom set...this Christmas we finally made the switch! We now don't know how we survived without one! We always used to have to push each other over...and now I have to yell out to make sure Nate is still there! ha I actually came home late from work one night and crawled into bed. I layed there for a good five minutes when a hand reached over to grab was a bit small for Nate's...Hailey had snuck into our bed and we didn't even know it! Seriously could they look any more similar? Love these 2 faces!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

White Party at LIME

We had a New Years Eve White Party at Lime! I had to work a double and ended up working for 16 hours straight! We were so busy they hired Nate and Spencer just for the night for additional help...we didn't get out of their until 3:30am!! It was so much fun!!!
Well Hailey has been out of school for 5 weeks now...she finally goes back to school tomorrow...I'm pretty excited!!! Oh I mean she is really excited! ha Other than that not much new...just re doing rooms upstairs...we moved some stuff around and finally bought a king bed!!!! We put our queen in the guest room and then gave Hailey the queen bed from there so we have extra room for guests when needed! I'll post some pics soon!
Nate has also had a week and a half off of work and he has helped out so much with the girls so I picked up some extra shifts! We had a great Christmas and New Years and are ready for the new year!!!

A Holly Jolly Jingle Jangle Christmas Party

We co-hosted our 2ND Annual Holly Jolly Jingle Jangle Christmas Party with my sister and her hubby in Dec. We learned from all of our mistakes last year to make this party crazy smooth. We hired 2 babysitters and made the basement the kids area as well as someone to be in charge of refilling the food. We had about 75 people come and about 60 people no show (which is to be expected!)This year we rented cocktail tables so that we could get the people to mingle in the living room vs the worked great!DJ Taylor Franklin rocked the house!