Monday, January 4, 2010

White Party at LIME

We had a New Years Eve White Party at Lime! I had to work a double and ended up working for 16 hours straight! We were so busy they hired Nate and Spencer just for the night for additional help...we didn't get out of their until 3:30am!! It was so much fun!!!
Well Hailey has been out of school for 5 weeks now...she finally goes back to school tomorrow...I'm pretty excited!!! Oh I mean she is really excited! ha Other than that not much new...just re doing rooms upstairs...we moved some stuff around and finally bought a king bed!!!! We put our queen in the guest room and then gave Hailey the queen bed from there so we have extra room for guests when needed! I'll post some pics soon!
Nate has also had a week and a half off of work and he has helped out so much with the girls so I picked up some extra shifts! We had a great Christmas and New Years and are ready for the new year!!!

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