Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sissy is 6 months

Sissy (as Hailey and I call her) turned 6 months yesterday! AHHH I can't believe it went so fast! It's been so much fun to watch her grow. She's been sitting up for about 2 weeks now and just popped her two bottom teeth on Saturday. She weighs 15 lbs and is in the 50Th percentile for weight and 75Th for height. She's such a happy girl and LOVES hanging with with Hailey.
I also just gave her some solids yesterday for the first time (carrots)...she LOVED them! She seriously wanted to eat an entire container!
So Hailey, Sissy and I are off to California tomorrow for 2 weeks! We are so excited. Hailey has been walking around telling everyone that she gets to go to Maddie's house. (her cousin) I'll be sure to post pics when I get back!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Quotes Of The Day!

Had to write this down right now so that I wouldn't risk forgetting it...

Hailey "Who has to go poop? Mom do you have to go poop? (raises her hand) me me me me I do I have to go poop!!!"

Daddy "Hailey do you want to go to work with daddy tomorrow?"

Hailey "Daddy can I bring this (a toy shovel) and help you sweep the grass?"

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Here's a recap of our Florida trip...
Ashtyn had a lot of firsts on this trip! This was her first plane ride...the pilot let her take it for a test drive...Ashtyn's first time in the pool...she absolutely loved it!Nora and I hittin' the pool Fallin asleep in Mr Rose's arms...All the girls: Myself, Chelsea, Tighe, Elizabeth, and Amy
For her senior project Jordan had to write, produce and preform a 45 minutes show...it was unbelievable! I am so proud of her!
All the family members that could make it!

A beautiful day at the beach She can now officially sit up like a big girl with her cuz!
Jordan is a College Grad!
We had such a wonderful time staying at my Grandma Squire's house...we crammed as many people as possible in there...THANKS GRANDMA!
Hailey got to stay home with daddy for the long weekend!...I was a little nervous but they had a a great time and he even took her golfing...she loved it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Look Back

Two years ago my little sister's boyfriend of 2 years lost his life in a tragic motorcycle accident. It shook our entire family and it is something that we will never forget. His family lives in New York and we had never had the privilege of meeting. They decided to meet us in Florida for Jordan's college graduation. I had no idea how truly wonderful they were! We bonded with the Rose family immediately! I can't even begin to imagine what they have been through, and yet were all smiles. We felt such joy being around them. Mr. Rose plays the guitar and he would play us worship songs during the down time...His love for the Lord shines through his voice! I know this strength comes straight from the Lord.

Before his death, Josiah was planning on proposing. Jordan found the ring while going through his things. "You guys would have been the best in -laws" Mr. Rose told me. I assured him that they are our family regardless of what happened! I'm so thankful to have met them and hope that we continue to remain close throughout the years! They are planning a trip to visit us in Denver sometime in the near future. We are so excited!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Just thought I'd share Hailey's latest obsession...puzzles! She seriously wants to work on them at least 5 times a day if not more! It's amazing to see her actually put them together! I never knew I could be so proud of something so simple, but for Hailey this is great! She loves showing Ashtyn and scolds her when she gets drool on the pieces!
Just got back from an amazing trip to Florida! I can't wait to share about our trip...but am over booked with laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and a play date left on my to do list today...