Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some Page Family Time...

Little Ashtyn loving the baby sling! Uncle Spencer
The Children's Museum was a blast! Got year passes and a free guest if anyone ever wants to go!
Aunt Marti!


Getting ready to open her stocking... Patiently waiting for presents! Haven't you always wanted one of these? Spencer went to take a shower...heard a series of loud crashes...yes he fell...in the shower! And when I say fell I guess the fall took 30 seconds cause everything kept coming down with him!
This is the 2nd set of presents! AHHHH
17 people in my house... dang!!! Didn't quite have all matching stuff...but somehow managed to get everyone around the same table! Who knew I needed to buy placemats in sets of that many....
They are so mean to her...actually this was like the best babysitter ever! Hailey stayed in there (by choice) for like 45 minutes! You should so try it sometime!
Ashtyn chillin!
Seriously we went a little crazy on the desserts! I wanted everyone to have their options....ummmm hello leftovers!

Monday, December 29, 2008

It was the night before Christmas...

Baking goodies with Aunt Marti and Uncle Spencer
Then we were off to the Christmas Concert where Hailey got to sing Away in a Manger with all the kiddos...
I told Mason to hold her hand...he took his job very seriously! I only worked with her on the song like 500 times, but who would think that Hailey would actually get a little stage fright!?
Yes it is blurry, but look closely...do you totally see Mason sneaking kisses to Hailey right there in front of everyone! Seriously! Too funny! That's my girl!
The cousin's in their coordinating Christmas dresses...girls are too much fun!
My girls!
Let's put out some cookies for Santa! Hailey definitely had a hard time leaving them...she wanted to make sure that they tasted good enough for Santa!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A little Burg Family Fun!

My first attendance to the Annual tree decorating at the Burg house! (my mom demands our help cause they have a 12 foot tree!) My dad sets the mood by jamming to some Christmas tunes in his one man band "Daddy-O" Hailey taking Nora for the ride of her life!
Our Lammy usually has to turn her Hearing Ade's down when all 5 Burg children are present...let alone her 3 great-grandchildren! Madness I tell you!
Uncle Aaron...hopefully she won't loose all her dinner after the Uncles' are done with her!
Setting up the Nativity Set with Mi Mi
Lammy could you hold these for awhile?
Putting on the ornaments!...this is only half way up the tree!
Nate was away all weekend....he drove a van out to Cali to get the rest of our things from our house out there! We are unfortunately having to let it foreclose. After being on the market for 11 months and not able to rent it out we had to let it go! Which is fine becuase we are already in a house here. So we decided to leave in style by taking any and everything worth any money! Nate retrieved landscape lighting, a trampoline, ceiling fans, drapes, baby stuff, my grandma's china, and a bunch of other stuff that accidentally got left! I was so thankful!Meanwhile we enjoyed ourselves at the pre-season Mammoth game...can't you tell!

The Fam!...well
all that we could fit in the pic! Uncle Taylor

Binki's and candy!

There are a few things that I have to deal with on an daily basis! One is looking for binki's....I swear I have wasted hundreds of hours looking for those dang things! We probably have dozens, but they all like to hide in sofa's, car seats, beds, drawers....ahhh it drives me crazy! Santa for Christmas I want to never have to look for a binki again!!! Maybe I could fill that time slot with something profitable....like cleaning! My house would be immaculate! Another thing I deal with daily is my sugaraholic daughter! Every time my phone rings..."yesss mommy's distracted! Time to rade the cupboards!" She pulls a chair up to the counter or pantry and finds whatever she can that looks at all sweet! Halloween I decorated with jars of candy and it was a nightmare! Having to deal with a begging 3 year old every 5 minutes is not my idea of fun!! So for Christmas I stuck with just peanut m&ms...she saw them right away and I assured her that they were yucky and not even edible! She hadn't asked again until Aunt Jordan came over and had some herself and of course gave some to Hailey! "NOOOOO...she wasn't supposed to know that they were candy!" "Whoops!" So I told Jordan to find a way to fix this situation that I would have to be the one to deal with! So Jordan soaked an m&m in vinegar and then put it back in the jar..."Hailey do you want some candy?" Hailey put it right in her mouth and said with a scrunched up face "Yucky!" Worked like a charm, she still ate it, but hasn't asked again! Ha

Monday, December 22, 2008

And she smiles!

It's amazing to me how much your love can grow for your child when they can look you straight in the eyes and smile! There's not many joys in life greater than that! Since this is pretty much a form of my baby book...Ashtyn's first official smile was Dec. 16th! Nate was so good at getting them from her! (probably because it was like she was looking into a mirror of herself!) Ha! Well I guess it's safe to say that she's a daddy's girl...right before she smiles her nostrils flare...yep just like Nate's...when he gets really excited (or mad) they get huge! I always used to make fun of him for it!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meeting Santa!

I know I know...I've totally turned into an obsessive Blogger...Ahhh who knew? However, I now feel like this is my journal and if I don't blog about it immediately, I will forget and the precious memories and pictures will forever be forgotten! :)
On that note...the girls got to meet Santa the other day! Hailey gave him a big ol' hug and told him how much she loved him! "What do you want for Christmas" Santa asked "ummm toys" my 3 year old replied! She is very specific! :) Hailey absolutely LOVES Christmas and everything that goes along with it! I really think that this is the first year that she truly "gets it!" Last year she kept mistaking Santa for Chucky (from Chucky Cheese) ha ha We love make believing about Santa, but also want Hailey to know what the true reason for the Holiday is...it's Jesus' Birthday! If you know Hailey at all you know how much she LOVES birthdays! So in her little simple mind hopefully she can make some connection. We are going to start a tradition of singing Jesus Happy Birthday on Christmas day!...When we go shopping for presents I tell her the presents are for Jesus' Birthday!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Holly Jolly Jingle Jangle Christmas Party!

It was our 1st Annual Page/Gibson/Burg Christmas Party! Amy and I cooked for a few days! But it was well worth it!

Jordan flew in just in time for the party!

Any time you want your husband to get stuff done around the house...just throw a party...Nate and Russell were our slaves for the past month! It was awesome!

Couldn't grab my camera during the party, but it was a great success! About 100 people showed and nothing was broken or badly stained! (score!) We had just enough food! :)
Yummmmy Chocolate Fountain!

Oh and lets not forget DJ Iceburg! My lil bro busted out the Turn Tables after most of the little kiddos left!
Not to mention the girls had a blast!

Although I insisted that I didn't need a baby shower for another girl...my dear friends from church threw Ashtyn and I one anyway! It was wonderful!! Karen Brgoch (already having 3 girls) shared with us the joys of girls and especially sisters! She wrote this poem and I loved it so much I wanted to put it on my blog!...
Though having all girls was not necessarily my first choice
God has graciously given me many reasons to rejoice
There is something magical about having all girls
from play rooms with kitchens, dress-up and dolls
to dreaming of days arm-in-arm at the malls
I love that with Daddy they build fence and mow
and to the park with pink ball gloves and bats they all go
I love having the excuse to buy adorable clothes
knowing each one will wear them as the other girl grows
I love being at Disneyland and standing in only one line
as the princesses are all that we have to find
I love when they all dance and play house and color
it would have to be more balanced if they had a brother
of course there is emotion and drama to spare
and extra time spent every morning on hair
But with it comes in-home slumber parties of three
with nightgowns, nail polish and small cups of tea
And giggles and squeals and lots of affection
coordinating Christmas dresses and great purse collection!
I love that one day they will all have each other
to stand beside at their weddings to watch each become mothers
I love having all girls...I truly do
and to Jesus who chose this for me, I simply say, Thank you!