Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Holly Jolly Jingle Jangle Christmas Party!

It was our 1st Annual Page/Gibson/Burg Christmas Party! Amy and I cooked for a few days! But it was well worth it!

Jordan flew in just in time for the party!

Any time you want your husband to get stuff done around the house...just throw a party...Nate and Russell were our slaves for the past month! It was awesome!

Couldn't grab my camera during the party, but it was a great success! About 100 people showed and nothing was broken or badly stained! (score!) We had just enough food! :)
Yummmmy Chocolate Fountain!

Oh and lets not forget DJ Iceburg! My lil bro busted out the Turn Tables after most of the little kiddos left!
Not to mention the girls had a blast!


O'Malley Fam said...

How old is Ashtyn? Like, 3 weeks??? Entertaining for 100 peeps? Seriously, you're just making the rest of us look bad!! You are awesome! How long have you guys been there and how do you even know 100 people there already? You guys are a gift and a light everywhere you go!! I am in awe!!!! DANG GINA!!!!

Megan said...

The house looks great!