Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Getting ready to open her stocking... Patiently waiting for presents! Haven't you always wanted one of these? Spencer went to take a shower...heard a series of loud crashes...yes he fell...in the shower! And when I say fell I guess the fall took 30 seconds cause everything kept coming down with him!
This is the 2nd set of presents! AHHHH
17 people in my house... dang!!! Didn't quite have all matching stuff...but somehow managed to get everyone around the same table! Who knew I needed to buy placemats in sets of that many....
They are so mean to her...actually this was like the best babysitter ever! Hailey stayed in there (by choice) for like 45 minutes! You should so try it sometime!
Ashtyn chillin!
Seriously we went a little crazy on the desserts! I wanted everyone to have their options....ummmm hello leftovers!

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O'Malley Fam said...

Next post needs to be a picture of Nate in his new jammies! Let's go Pages...make it happen!