Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Meeting Santa!

I know I know...I've totally turned into an obsessive Blogger...Ahhh who knew? However, I now feel like this is my journal and if I don't blog about it immediately, I will forget and the precious memories and pictures will forever be forgotten! :)
On that note...the girls got to meet Santa the other day! Hailey gave him a big ol' hug and told him how much she loved him! "What do you want for Christmas" Santa asked "ummm toys" my 3 year old replied! She is very specific! :) Hailey absolutely LOVES Christmas and everything that goes along with it! I really think that this is the first year that she truly "gets it!" Last year she kept mistaking Santa for Chucky (from Chucky Cheese) ha ha We love make believing about Santa, but also want Hailey to know what the true reason for the Holiday is...it's Jesus' Birthday! If you know Hailey at all you know how much she LOVES birthdays! So in her little simple mind hopefully she can make some connection. We are going to start a tradition of singing Jesus Happy Birthday on Christmas day!...When we go shopping for presents I tell her the presents are for Jesus' Birthday!

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Brittany Wassmer said...

You need to add our blog onto your page too! I con totally see Hailey having a ball with Santa!