Sunday, December 14, 2008

Although I insisted that I didn't need a baby shower for another dear friends from church threw Ashtyn and I one anyway! It was wonderful!! Karen Brgoch (already having 3 girls) shared with us the joys of girls and especially sisters! She wrote this poem and I loved it so much I wanted to put it on my blog!...
Though having all girls was not necessarily my first choice
God has graciously given me many reasons to rejoice
There is something magical about having all girls
from play rooms with kitchens, dress-up and dolls
to dreaming of days arm-in-arm at the malls
I love that with Daddy they build fence and mow
and to the park with pink ball gloves and bats they all go
I love having the excuse to buy adorable clothes
knowing each one will wear them as the other girl grows
I love being at Disneyland and standing in only one line
as the princesses are all that we have to find
I love when they all dance and play house and color
it would have to be more balanced if they had a brother
of course there is emotion and drama to spare
and extra time spent every morning on hair
But with it comes in-home slumber parties of three
with nightgowns, nail polish and small cups of tea
And giggles and squeals and lots of affection
coordinating Christmas dresses and great purse collection!
I love that one day they will all have each other
to stand beside at their weddings to watch each become mothers
I love having all girls...I truly do
and to Jesus who chose this for me, I simply say, Thank you!

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