Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A little Burg Family Fun!

My first attendance to the Annual tree decorating at the Burg house! (my mom demands our help cause they have a 12 foot tree!) My dad sets the mood by jamming to some Christmas tunes in his one man band "Daddy-O" Hailey taking Nora for the ride of her life!
Our Lammy usually has to turn her Hearing Ade's down when all 5 Burg children are present...let alone her 3 great-grandchildren! Madness I tell you!
Uncle Aaron...hopefully she won't loose all her dinner after the Uncles' are done with her!
Setting up the Nativity Set with Mi Mi
Lammy could you hold these for awhile?
Putting on the ornaments!...this is only half way up the tree!
Nate was away all weekend....he drove a van out to Cali to get the rest of our things from our house out there! We are unfortunately having to let it foreclose. After being on the market for 11 months and not able to rent it out we had to let it go! Which is fine becuase we are already in a house here. So we decided to leave in style by taking any and everything worth any money! Nate retrieved landscape lighting, a trampoline, ceiling fans, drapes, baby stuff, my grandma's china, and a bunch of other stuff that accidentally got left! I was so thankful!Meanwhile we enjoyed ourselves at the pre-season Mammoth game...can't you tell!

The Fam!...well
all that we could fit in the pic! Uncle Taylor

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