Monday, December 1, 2008

The Girls' Doctor Apts! (love saying "the girls!")

Hailey and Ashtyn had a doctors apt today! Ashtyn's 2 week and Hailey's consultation on WS.
Ahstyn is already 8lbs!! AHHH it's so crazy to have a "normal" growing baby! Hailey took over 2 months to get to 8 lbs! She is doing great and definitely does not have a murmur...which means she does not have any chance of having WS!
We really didn't find out too much new on Hailey. We will be having to go to Childrens Hospital for an ultra sound on Hailey's kidneys and then some blood work to check her thyroid and calcium build up. We also have to her eyes to make sure that all is well there! So we just have to wait then for those results to see if we need to do anything else! Her doctor also recommended some additional speech therapy from we have a lot of apts coming up! Good thing gas is going down! :)
As far as support groups the doctor didn't know of any so we have to find one on our own...(not sure if we are even ready for that yet!) Also we still meet with the Geneticist March 19th... I'm sure we will learn even more...So all good news for now!


Chiahead said...

Thanks for the update - let me know if you ever need me to babysit! Love the cute picture!

Laina said...

hi Pages!
This is Laina Hilliger. I came across your blog yesterday. Congrats on your new baby girl. Josh asked if I could post a comment and ask you for Nate's new cell phone#. He was trying to get it a while ago, but I guess wasn't able to. If you want to email Josh at, he'd love it. Thanks and congrats again!