Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Sissy!!!!
Sissy's Stats:
Walking: yes (still like she's a drunkin' sailor)
Talking: Mama, Dada, Dog (go figure we don't even have one!)
Signs: More, All Done, and sometimes we get Please
Teeth: 9...seriously this girl could eat a steak no problem!
Favorite Activity: Being in mommy's arms (very inconvenient I might add)

Can't get the girl to stand still for a second!
Wouldn't ever miss a meal!
OK FINE....Hi I'm Jen and I'm addicted to matching my girls outfits!!!!!!

OK so I tried with the cupcake cake...it looks pretty good from a distance!!!
We just had a family party for her at our house...

Things have just continued to get crazier and crazier around here. I've been working 4 nights a week! Not gonna lie, it has felt amazing to finally be able to pay down a few of our extra bills...MYSELF!!! Nate has been such a huge help!! He takes such great care of the girls while I'm gone and even sometimes babysits our friends 2 girls...(we trade hour for hour and it is amazing!) I even come home to a clean house! Thank you my love!!!!

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Noel said...

Happy Birthday to Ashtyn! ( I love the matching outfits) My daughter Hannah has wanted to make one of those big cupcakes.