Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A call from Hailey's pediatrician

Got a call from Hailey's pediatrician on Monday...she did say that Genetics at the Children's Hospital was backed up and Hailey couldn't get in until March 19th. However she could order the testing immediately and we could have the results within 7-10 days. We would then have an official diagnosis, but would have to wait to see Genetics for the highest quality of education on the syndrome! She also said that is is rare to find 2 siblings in the same family with WS. (considering I'm due with #2 in 2 weeks!)
So I already took Hailey to the hospital for blood work yesterday! There was a little boy her age that went right before her and had the DEATH scream...I mean seriously I thought they were beating him in there! It freaked me out, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Hailey did amazing and I held her while her arm was on the table being held by a nurse and as they put the needle in...Hailey's eye's filled with tears and she looked straight at them and said "you hurt me!" She just whined until the needle was out and then she was back to her smiley self! So now we are just waiting for the call from her doc!
I also went to the doctor yesterday...I'm 2 1/2 cm dilated and 70% effaced! AHHHH....just praying for God's perfect timing cause I just don't feel ready! My doc said "well you'd better get ready!" He also said he would almost bet on the fact that the baby is already at least 7 lbs...which is definitely reassuring considering a characteristic of the syndrome is low birth weight! I'm not worried at all and I know God has a perfect plan...even if I did have 2 kids with WS!
Just wanted to thank all of you for your amazing emails and comments! I am definitely at a more stable place right now and realizing how God truly has been preparing me for this for 3 years...and every time I look at Hailey am SO thankful for the way that she is! She literally says "I Lub you mommy" like 20 times a day! I wouldn't trade her for the world and know that God does have something so special planned for her! I'll keep you all updated when we get the call from Hailey's doctor...or when the new baby comes!


Amy said...

thanks for sharing your story....praying for you in this moment.

Meg said...

hey, jen. foundyour blog through kari's. i'll be praying for you guys through this & also for new little ashtyn(?) and all that goes along with a new baby -- heard from the elgards yesterday! congrats!