Monday, June 29, 2009

Time Away...

We finally got use our Timeshare after owning it for over 2 years! We decided to go to Steamboat Springs this weekend for our Anniversary! We left the kids with my family...and enjoyed the entire weekend to ourselves!! We got to see 2 movies, enjoy a nice dinner, attend a concert, relax in natural hot springs, lunch with friends, fall asleep by the pool for hours, sleep in, sleep through the night, read and walk around the shops downtown...all of which are things that are a rare treat with 2 kids! It was sooo relaxing...and so short!! We have some points saved up so we are going to go again with some friends and family for a week in September! We are also looking at where we would like book our big vacation of the year (or more like a few years)...we hope to go in December and are looking at places like Thailand or Honduras. I hope to get my camera back in the next few days and am excited to show off some of our new projects around the check back in a few days! to the pool with the kiddos!

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