Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back to the Rockies!

The girls and I just got back from being in California for over 2 weeks. It was definitely a busy trip. I cannot believe how much we crammed in! We were in Santa Clarita for a week with Nate's family and then went up to Kingsburg to visit friends for another week.
Hailey got to spend a lot of time with her cousin Maddie.
If I got a nickle for every time they tried to invite each other to the park... I'd be at Pottery Barn as we speak!
It would be 8pm:
Hailey "Maddie do you want to go to the park with me?"
Maddie "Yeah"
Aunty Jen "Girls we are not going to the park right now!"
Maddie "Hailey do you want to go to the park with me later?"
2 mnts later...
Hailey "Should we go to the park now?"
Summer is a great are the moments she captured...

...I'll post my pics as soon as I get a chance! I'm busy preparing to host my first WS gathering at our house on Saturday! About three times as many people are coming than I had originally thought. My stud of a man had the house spotless when we arrived I just need to prepare the activities and food! I'll let you know how it goes!


camille said...

GORGEOUS photos. WOW!!!

Laura said...

Beautiful photos....looks like you had a great time.