Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Martha,

Dear Martha Stewart,
I have a couple of questions for you this week. Do you know how to get mascara off of all of our cabinets and carpet in the master bath? Our 3 year old noticed daddy painting the kitchen cabinets and thought the ones in the bathroom still needed to be updated! She thought MAC Plushblack would compliment the floors nicely!

Also Martha, do you know how to patch the arm rest of our love seat from being stabbed with a steak knife? I asked her what she was doing from upstairs..."I'm FINE mom" she assured me! Couch not so fine...however it will live on...we'll just have to tell people we got a cat that needed a place to paw...

Lastly Martha dear, what is the best cleaning solution for poop smeared all over the carpet and walls...I mean she just thought she was being helpful when she woke up in the morning by dealing with it herself!...where do you think they sell the best Rug Doctor's...I'm pretty sure we should just go ahead a buy a machine of our own!...Let me know! Thanks for all your help!


hestermom said...

That was awesome. But, you must be doing well if you're already able to laugh about it!!!

Meg said...


Stephanie Dollahite said...

wow - can't wait till Annaliese is that age!!!

It's fun reading each other's blogs, I feel like I get to know you more than when you lived here!! Miss you and thought of you last night when some girls from church got together to hang out and look at each other's wedding photos

Robin said...

Oh Jen... that's all I got.