Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Checkin In...

It's a new year so I guess it's time for an update! I decided that this year is going to be the year that I do and start to do a lot of things that I've always wanted to! I now get to bake most of the desserts for my restaurant! My family has been making better nutrition choices and so I still get to get my baking itch out!! I get to make a Mascarpone Cheesecake that melts in your mouth!! Our Chef Eli has been teaching me! It's a blast!

I also have dreamed of being a spin instructor! I've been spinning for about 6 years now and love it so much! I am unofficially training with a spin instructor at my gym and then when I feel ready I will apply to teach classes!

Getting ready to be in 2 weddings this summer and the girls are flower girls in 3!!!! It's that kind of year I guess and I love it!

We got our car stolen a couple of weeks ago. I had it parked in a lot behind my restaurant and came out and the window was on the ground and the car was gone! Glad it was paid off...not so glad we didn't have theft insurance. We have always had it in the past and when we bought this car 6 weeks ago and changed over the insurance plan there was somehow a mixup. If the car is found they will replace it, but if it remains gone we get nothing! :( The police have no leads! YOU LIVE AND YOU LEARN!! We are trying not to beat ourselves up too much over it!

Nate is also doing well!! He was so proud of his Bronco's this season! We all were!

The girls are doing great! Loving their new bunk beds that Santa brought as well as their new playroom! (So that mom and dad can have an entire office now!)

That's it for now!


Anonymous said...

My name is Anna and over this last summer I had the priviledge of working with Hailey during Vacation Bible School. Over the past few weeks as I have been looking at college majors and what I may want to do in life, I have been thinking about Hailey and Williams Syndrome. I have been researching Williams Syndrome and it eventually led me to your blog. I just wanted to say that working with Hailey was such a blessing. Before this summer I did not know I enjoyed working with kids but when I got the chance to work with her, I fell in love with them. Initially I was volunteering because I needed volunteer hours for school but it proved to be a growing experience. Hailey is so sweet and loving and in the short time I got to work with her, she showed me how fun and vulnerable and caring kids are. Thank you for that experience as it has definitely made a difference in my life.

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