Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We got to enjoy a few days off for Thanksgiving last week and tried to fill it with family fun! Friday we took the girls to see The Muppet's and then I got to take Hailey on a special date to see The Nutcracker. My sister in law, Tighe, has been doing ballet forever...so this year my entire family got to see her preform. She was amazing...the show was amazing...and even more amazing was getting to watch Hailey fall in love with the show! Her eyes were glued to the stage the entire 2 hours! She kept whispering to me how beautiful she thought the dancers were! Must start the night off at Starbucks!

We also had a great Thanksgiving with the entire family! 13 adults and 5 kids....wowza!!!!

So thankful to Aaron and Tighe for hosting this year!!! Espcially since our house is still on the market and we have so many last minute showings!! We are already on our 21st showing! AHHHHH

Nate spend several hours slaving away at making his apple cheese cake! YUM!!!

Our cousin Corey got to spend a week here! It was so good to see him!

There were kids there I swear...they were just off getting into trouble when we had the camera out I guess!

ALSO...on Sunday Jordan and Travis got engaged!!!! Can't wait for wedding planning!!!!


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