Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat

Had such a great Halloween this year! Got to go to grandpa's house for chili and trick or treating! We had joked that his neighborhood better be giving out whole candy bars...well we were right! HA

Loved that Aunt Marti got to come as well! The girls just adore her! Speaking of Marti...she recently got engaged!!! We are so happy for her!!!

The high light of Nate and my night was going to Tim Tebow's house! He happens to live right next door to Nate's dad. Of course had to take advantage of the holiday! We thought for she he wouldn't answer! So glad to be pleasantly surprised! He was so sweet with a huge smile and Ashtyn kept giving his dog Bronco kisses! I didn't want to be annoying with the pictures, but so happy I snuck at least one!
It was really good lighting on their front steps so had to take advantage and get a few good ones of Nate and I.

I haven't been working as much lately so I have been up to lots of baking and cooking...will post some new good recipes soon!