Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monster Mash

Hailey had her school Halloween party last weekend...I thought it was too early to reveal their Halloween costumes...but just couldn't wait any longer! :) LOL These are my 2 favorite things around!

It was so much fun to meet all of Hailey's friends and to watch her in that setting! These two girls directly to her left are Holly and Grace. They are the girls that send Hailey home with love letters and pictures. I think they are about 2ND grade...they kept Hailey by their side the entire night! It was so sweet!

It was interesting to watch that most of Hailey's good friends at this point are older. I think they like her young soul and how she is willing to follow them to do whatever they tell her to! That is sweet for now.,..but of course could become a problem in the future.

This is our next door neighbor David...the girls tell people he is their best friend! It's adorable!

Hailey's teacher approached Nate and I while we were there and told us the sweetest story about Hailey. A large group of schools came to Hailey's school for an assembly. She said the auditorium was filled. Hailey walked in and was overwhelmed with excitement. She was blowing kisses from across the room and yelling "we are so happy you are all here!" Her teacher said that there was not a face in the room that wasn't smiling! It made me teary and so thankful, once again, that God chose us to be her parents! Despite the challenges...I thank God everyday for that little piece of her 7Th chromosome that is missing and for making her the way she is!!!!!!