Monday, October 3, 2011

For Sale

We have been discussing for awhile putting our Centennial house on the market and moving closer to Denver. We finally decided to move forward with it! Both Nate and I work a lot in Denver and my entire family lives there. It's been on the market for 2 days now and already have 4 showings, so off to a good start! I'm trying not to get my emotions too involved this time because last time was so hard. I don't even want to start looking for another house until we are in escrow on this one! We shall see!!
Here's a few pictures that the real estate company glad that I can have them to look back on!


Melissa said...

beautiful, beautiful home, jenn! ps... i think i might have seen you at snooze a few weeks back when i was having breakfast with a friend. i was already past you before i realized who you were or i would have said hi!

ayin said...

Wow!! it is a beautiful home...

Amy Gibson said...

Wow, those pix are amazing! I know your house is huge, but dang, these make it look HUGE! So clean and perfect- these will be so great to look back on!

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