Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Williams Syndome Charity Walk 2011

We had our first Williams Syndrome Charity Walk May 14Th. It was such a great turn out! We are so thankful for the family and friends that came and showed their support.

One of my defense mechanisms is numbness...not thinking too hard about certain things in my life. My girl friends often make fun of me for living on "fairy tale island." I can go weeks without thinking about the effects of Williams Syndrome and what Hailey's future has to hold. This event definitely lay heavy on my heart for weeks after. What will Hailey be like when she is an adult? Will Hailey ever have to go through open heart surgery? Will Hailey have diabetes? Will Hailey be able to tell when people look at her like she is different? Will Hailey ever feel it when people are judging her or making fun of her?

The future is uncertain. We don't know what it will hold. What I know now is how thankful I am to have Hailey in my life. She teaches me how to love the un-lovable. How to be cheerful in any circumstance. How to see the good in people. How the simple things can make us truly happy. How to start every single morning with a smile. I love that girl and I love that God chose me to be her mother!

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Amy Gibson said...

One day at a time, that's all you can do. Let you burden be light, since God's already got an awesome plan for sweet Hailey. You're an amazing mom to her! xo