Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Proud Mom Moment

I had to have a proud mom/wife moment with you all! Nate and Ashtyn got chosen to do a photo shoot for Boppy pillow. Ashtyn got to pose for 2 sessions, one alone and one with daddy! They did such a great job! Ashtyn was all smiles and they got a lot of great shots! So be looking this fall on the pillows (sold in Target and Babies R Us) or on their website...I'm sure I will post a link when I see the pics!

If you'll notice on most baby products they want the baby to look as hard as it was for me, no pink and no bows! :)

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hestermom said...

She looks adorable!! Even in her "unisex" outfit!! Now, how come they had Daddy in the pics, and not Mommy??