Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Hard Workin Hubby

Nate just finished building a few big parks that I wanted to show off! This first one is Bear Creek park in Denver...

Yes that is a sombrero slide!

Don't let it fool's really fast!

There is a rock climbing wall behind him that I must have not got a shot of.

This is a sand pit that has fossils built in for the children to find with a brush.

This is a time capsule and underneath it is a box. It's contents include: Nate's hard had, a Colorado Designscapes T Shirt, Nate's business card and a few other misc things...this is not to be opened until 2059!

Aren't my parents cute!

The first kids to try out the swings...they work great!

This next one is the Highlands Ranch Veterans Monument Park. This one is particularly dear to our hearts considering 3 of our grandpa's served this country!

There were about 12 of these made and you can buy a tile with a name engraved for $250.

Nate loves sandblasting.

Nate and his crew did all of the hardscapes that you see here...

Nate got to meet Bill Owens and Bill Ritter at the opening! They even recognized him on stage!

As you can see Nate is a busy guy!!! Hailey went back to school last week and we decided to switch her to afternoons...since Hailey doesn't take naps, it's amazing to have that few hours to get stuff done again!!!! Ashtyn is absolutely everywhere and standing up on everything! She is crazy! She has already had quite a few tumbles...out the front door, off the stair, off a chair...The play pen and gates are my new best friends! She also is such a good eater and LOVES feeding herself whatever I place on her tray! She is also starting to learn a few signs! :)

Welp that's the news around here!


Anonymous said...

Very cool!

hestermom said...

You must be so proud, that will be so fun for the girls to go to those parks and think "Daddy made this!!"
P.S. You look so skinny, seriously, how did you do that?? Do you go to the gym?? =) You look great.

Noel said...

Very cool. My hubby is in construction and it is cool to see all of the buildings he has worked on. I'll try to remember the names of the parks in case we get time driving back through Denver from Las Vegas on the 26th...