Sunday, February 15, 2009

A little Valentine fun

I just got this on video this morning...thought it was fun...
Ok so our laptop is in good! I'm in a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, wrapped in a blanket using our computer in our cold cold basement! (oh the dedication!)
Wanted to share a bit about our Valentine fun...Hailey had her first Valentine exchange at school. I definitely think that I was a bit more excited than she was! I love any excuse to exchange love notes and candy! It also happen to fall on our snack day. So we had a lot of fun making (or cutting out pre-made Pillsbury) sugar cookies! ...Turned around to put them in the oven. Yes Hailey "helped"...can you tell on which ones?
Her Valentines What's a holiday without a special outfit...don't worry Ashtyn will wear it someday too! (that how I justify everything to my froogle husband!)
...interruption while I travel up 2 flights of stairs to replace a dang binki!Hailey managed the concept of giving the Valentines to her friends and collecting them ...she did however, struggle with the concept of waiting until we arrived home to enjoy her candy!
And yes, my creative stud of man took me for a romantic night of Salsa Dancing in downtown Denver. There was a short lesson to start the evening off...and then away we went! Our toes are a little sore from being stepped upon...but we had blast! I'll tell you what though...there were some people that were INTO IT! It was amazingly entertaining to watch the semi-professional dancers shake it across the floor! Not to mention the live salsa band that all happen to be swaying simultaneously to the beat!


Laura said...

I found your blog address on a WS Facebook support group. My nameis Laura and I have a 9yr old daughter with WS. Feel free to visit my blog at
It's nice to 'meet' you. Your family is just beautiful.
Take care,

Amy said...

What a great post! Ok, seriously, I need to quit my job so I can find the time to try and match your blog awesomeness. Love the video too- she's truly blossomed into a "new baby" even in just the past week!

Stephanie Dollahite said...

Awwh, so precious! What dedication! The cold and the stairs! Glad you shared! Ashtyn & Hailey are adorable! happy V-day!

Marisa said...

Misa misses you Hailey! Hope to see you all in May!! Oh yeah, and I JUST now figured out that you left comments on my page! HA!