Monday, August 9, 2010

A Long Summer

It's been an incredibly long summer so far!! Hailey has been out of school since May and our days are extremely LONG!

Nate is still very busy and leaves before I wake up and doesn't get home until sometime after 10pm...most of his projects will finish in September so we should be getting back to normal soon! This summer I have pretty much felt like a single mom! AHHHHH

The girls are growing and learning new things everyday!

Hailey starts Kindergarten Aug 25Th...she will be going from 9 to 12:30 Monday through Friday and as she adapts to that we will see when she can handle 9 to 3 everyday! I know I can handle that ;) Looking forward to celebrating her 5Th Birthday!!!!

Ashtyn is talking so much more and starting to put together 2 to 3 word sentences! Love to hear her say "Bye bye mama!"

I am still so thankful that I get to get out and work 4 nights a week! I am now consistently working at 2 of the 4 locations and managing sometimes the location right in downtown Denver! I continue to LOVE my job!

For all of our California friends and family...we are coming out for a visit the first week in October! We will spend the first 3 days in LA and the last 4 up in Kingsburg! We are so excited! It has been long over due! Nate will be joining us as well so we can start catching up on some missed family time!

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