Saturday, March 7, 2009

R.I.P. Our Dear Sweet Binki

I have been dreading this day for a long time. The day we get rid of the of the only things left that linked Hailey to a little girl. I never thought I would be one of "those moms." When I would see children walking around with the Binki in their mouths would think to myself "I would never let my child do that...I'm taking it away at a year!" Hailey's first birthday came and gone and I thought..."ok we'll go to 2 years." Then I read an article that said that Binki's don't cause dental problems until after 4. Sweet we've got time!
I was inspired by a friend with the success of her daughter's Binki's discharge. She would cut off a little more of the Binki each day until it was gone. I thought this was a great idea seeing as it would be so hard for Hailey to understand if we just went cold turkey. I was traumatized by even the thought, but decided to give it a try. Not to worry, if we (when I say we I really mean me) have a relapse I had backups close by. So I started on Monday...I got a little teary with the first lame I know, but can you blame me?
For a few months now, she was only allowed to have it in her bed. I was so curious as to what her response would be, so I handed it right to her..."No mommy this is Ashtyn's." I assured her that this was her Binki and reminded her what Ashtyn's looked like. "Oh this is broken!" she kept saying, until finally just decided to take it as is. That was it..she literally never complained again...everyday she would just take it until it was too short. She would then just sleep with it in her hand. I couldn't believe it! I had no idea that it would be this easy! So today as the final step we had a little funeral. She gave it one final kiss goodbye and then placed it in the ground!
It is safely laid to rest in our backyard.
Our last words:
Good bye our dear sweet have been with us for 3 1/2 years now and have brought us through many church services, meetings, naps, car rides, movies, plane rides and countless nights and we thank you for you dedication and continual support! You will be missed!

I let her take her first nap in our bed...just cause I'm a softy. You can see she did great! However, it now takes her quit a bit longer to fall asleep...well she can lay there however long she wants, but we are NOT ready to give up naps! (again when I say we...I mean ME!)
Nate's out of town to Mexico for work (a tough job I know) and Hailey is out of school for 3 weeks so now that we've given up the Binki why not go ahead and finish up with completely giving up Pullups as well. We've had many many struggles with the whole potty training thing for well over a year! "I don't care if it KILLS me!" I am getting this girl 100%, no turning back potty trained this week. I'll be sure to keep all posted! If I don't you might want to call and make sure I'm still alive with my hair still intact.


Meg said...

so brave! binki & potty training all in the same couple of weeks!

hestermom said...

Now that is a lot for a week or so!! You are so brave! I can't wait to see how it goes. Also, I will say, I have only had one "binki" ("paci" at our house) child, and he just started chewing it one day so I took it away. One of my boys likes his two fingers, and the new one likes his thumb, but I keep trying to convince him the paci is better. =)

Lyndsey McKnight said...

This is the cutest story I have ever heard!! I'm glad it was so easy for her!

Laura said...

How cute....we had the 'Binki Fairy' come and trade the binkis for a present, like the Tooth Fairy does with teeth. I think Michaela was 4. It took a few nights before she stopped cursing the Binki Fairy and to this day, at age 9, can still remember and talk about how mad she was.
The things we do as parents...